Established by NIIT Limited, a leading global talent development and transformation organization having tie-ups with ICICI Bank with assets of over USD 93 billion , the Institute of Finance, Banking, and Insurance (IFBI) intends to address the manpower needs of the growing Banking and Financial Services sector.
The Nigerian banking industry is growing at a robust rate and its future is directly tied to the improvement of its workforce – both in knowledge and competency. Hence, proper training is imperative for promising young candidates to become part of a skilled workforce of the Nigerian Banking and Financial sector.
The IFBI curriculum focuses on creating highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals for the modern day Banking and Financial Services sector by developing competencies on four dimensions – domain, technology, application, and customer service – whilst keeping the larger context of current banking practices, insurance and financial services in mind. Our programs are defined by these four competencies and it is what we swear by when grooming our students and professionals.
IFBI is proud to launch these industry-endorsed banking career programs in Nigeria. For more information about the programs, visit the Programs and Admissions section.

Recent News

IFBI is proud to be associated with Enterprise Bank for an exclusive corporate tie-up. As a part of the tie-up, candidates recruited by Enterprise Bank went through a month long induction training program at IFBI. On successful completion of the program (including evaluation at the final stage), candidates were awarded certificate and joined the bank. 117 candidates have already gone through the program and placed in Enterprise Bank. For student testimonial, visit here